Saturday, October 30, 2010

Couponing 102 - How To Use Coupons Part 2

Some of the information for this post is borrowed from my friend Hillary's blog. She makes using coupons simple, and easy to follow.

Buy In Bulk!

So, here is your scenario. You're not really into couponing, but you happen to have a coupon for shampoo laying around the bottom of your purse. So you use it. You get the shampoo for $1, instead of $3. Great job, you feel all tingly at the register paying $1! However what are you going to do NEXT month when you run out of shampoo??? You're going to go back to the store and pay full price because you don't have another coupon. You're not really saving much money if you have to pay full price next time you need that item.

Buying in bulk, means collecting coupons in bulk. The way you do this is by purchasing the Sunday paper. They say that you should have one paper for each person you in your household.
Products go on sale every 3-4 months. SO, by using four coupons I am stocking up on the item until it goes on sale again, at which point I will probably be needing to stock up on it again...and I will have collected more coupons in that 3-4 month period of time! But I am buying it WITH a coupon when it is on SALE so I am getting a great deal.

Now, the tricky part is paying for the newspapers. Most other blogs tell you to go out and get as many newspaper subscriptions as possible. That way you spend HUNDREDS on the papers that you will probably never read and produce more clutter in your small living space.

Since I only need to buy one newspaper I have found it cheaper to buy the Sunday edition of the "Daily News" at Walmart. (Check to make sure the coupons are in the paper before you buy it. There is some thieves out there that think the coupons are there for free.)
It is only $1.50, $6 dollars per month, and you don't have to get the entire weekend subscription. Our local paper comes with all the same coupons as the more expensive newsprint,
like the Salt Lake trib or The Desert News, which run around $3.00 per paper. Some weeks I spoil myself and buy the "Las Vegas Review Journal", they are out of state so there is different coupons. The Journal is expensive I think the last time I got it was $3.50 or $4.00Local retailers will take coupons from another state and it will give you more selection to deals that nobody else knows about.

Now you are all probably wondering how to buy things in bulk when there is only you. My best advice I can give you is:

Do it anyways! Stock up on the things you use. For example, my favorite "Maybelline" mascara comes on sale, so I figure out how many I will need for the year and buy it only once.

Due dates on things are usually months away. It will not hurt to have an extra item laying around.

2. For all you students with roommates, make up with them and go in on things together. This solution will kill two birds with one stone. If you buy things together you will not have to fight over them. The problem of having 10 bottles of ketchup in the fridge, will no longer be there. If your roommate eats your food, it will not matter because you know that you paid pennies for the item.
Besides, what if your roommate runs out and decides to use yours? You can kindly tell them to"keep it", because you will have another one and not have to pay a half fortune to replace it.

3. Don't buy things that you will never use just because it is on sale. Pick and choose the items you honestly will use. Buying "JUNK" (things you never use) will not save you money. This is the difference between saving and wasting.

So here is a recap:
Start Collecting coupons
Buy the "Daily News" Sunday paper
Only buy the things you will use!

Remember, there are multiple recycling bins across campus. That you can put you unwanted papers in.

I hope this helps.

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