Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coupons 101- Where to get coupons

This information is borrowed from my friend Hillary's blog. It is the best explanation I could find on how to use coupons. She made is simple and easy to understand. Thanks Hillary. :)

Hillary worte, "So I have to give a shout out to Utah Deal Diva for introducing me to the coupon method. Although I don't do it exactly the way she does, it was awesome getting a first glance into the coupon world!! Before you can USE coupons, you really need to understand how they work so you can make the most for you buck. Here are the basic things you need to know about coupons.
How to Get Coupons:

The ways you can get coupons are:
1. Through the mail

Every Tuesday (or Wednesday depending on where you live) an insert called Red Plum comes in the mail. It also comes with the grocery store ads for that week. The Red Plum inset has coupons in it. They are not always the BEST coupons, but they are coupons!

There are also usually a couple of coupons in each stores ad for that store only.

2. Online

There are a couple of reliable websites for coupons. Each coupon you want to print online can be printed at your IP address USUALLY twice....sometimes more, sometime less, but typically two. (Scanning these coupons and printing more is illegal and is a big turnoff for stores to keep accepting them so please don’t do this!) Each coupon prints with a different code on it, also a reason why you can’t duplicate them yourself.

You can also upload ecoupons onto your Smith's card. Once it is loaded onto your card, you buy the item at the store and the amount will automatically come off at checkout.

Check the sidebar to the right for more printable coupon sites!

3. The Sunday Paper

The Sunday Paper comes with two coupon inserts. One is called Proctor and Gamble. The other is called Smart Source. Proctor and Gamble comes the first Sunday of the month and Smart Source comes every week.

4. In Store Ads

Grocery stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Target will have coupons in their store ads. The coupon can only be used in their store BUT it can be stacked with a manufacturers coupon!!

5. On The Product

In the couponing world, these are called peelies. You've probably noticed them stuck to certain products in the store. Peel them off and use them right then.

6. With Free Samples

Typically when you order a free sample of something, the manufacturer will send you a coupon as well. These are typically high value coupons (1-2 off product) but I have had a few for FREE stuff. (Pads, yogurt, baby food etc).

So let’s review what we’ve learned from couponing 101.


The way to get coupons is:
In the Mail
In the Sunday Paper
In store ads
On the product
With free samples

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