Monday, November 8, 2010

Choose Coupon Sites that Suite You

The hardest thing for me to catch on to the whole "Grocery Game" was trying to figure out how to use, what my friend calls the "Coupon Spread sheets". My personal favorite is This site is easy to use. Make sure you change your location to Utah, then St. George for your area. Click on the shopping wizard and out comes Deals galore.

Change your search to the specific store you want to use. They post every item that is in the grocery ad. Some items are hardly discounted. To the receive the best deals, or even free things, change the Savvy Rank to WOW! I only buy wow items. You can make your shopping list and it even has a list of coupons you need, it give you the link to where a printable coupon comes from. They do all the hard work for you.

The down fall to this is that is doesn't have a list to Fresh Market or Wal-Mart. (Which are not two of my favorite stores to go to.) So when I found out about a sale at the other stores I use grocerysmarts the link to that is This web page is much more complicated. I am planning on doing an entire post about how to use this start.
, Is an amazing site for anything besides groceries. Sign up for their daily deal news letter. Deals will come to you in-box every day. They mostly have info on where to online shop, who has free shipping, coupon codes, etc.

Since I assume most of you are beginners, stick with Savvy Shoppers Deals for now.

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  1. WOW AMY I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH YOUR BLOG! Good for you! I'll try to use your tips. You are the master of couponing and savy shopping. Love u...Mom


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