Monday, November 8, 2010

Couponing 102 - How To Use Coupons Part 4

Use Rebates!

A Rebate is when you purchase a product and get partially or completely reimbursed for the cost of the item. Typically to get a rebate you purchase the product, send in the rebate form with you receipt and proof of purchase, then wait! You can make money on rebates!

Example: I got a mens razor that was $10 with a full rebate. BUT, I used a $4/1 coupon. So I paid $6, but I got the full $10 rebate. So I made $4!
Rebates come in 3 forms:

1. In the Sunday paper coupon booklets
2. Online
3. In the store/on the product

In The Sunday Paper Example: 3 weeks ago, I got a rebate in my newspaper coupons for some fancy new mustard. I purchased the mustard, filled out the rebate, and mailed it in with my reciept and soon I will get a check for the full amount! So the mustard is mine for FREE!

Online Example: There was an online rebate for a Schick Mens Razor. Buy the razor, fill out the rebate, send in you reciept and the UPC from the package, and you get reimbursed for the razor, making it free!

In The Store Example: During the Back to School Sale at staples, I got reams of paper for a penny. Staple's has the best rebate system out there. Don't go to the book store for school supplies. You will spend a half fortune and end up needing to buy more supplies by mid-terms.
Watch staples ad's and stock up on things like: binders, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. I made about $40 using in store coupons during that time.
Take advantage of rebates by looking for them in the Sunday paper, online, and in the store.
Most of this information came from the Her blog is amazing. If your interested in cooking and crafts too read her blog.

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