Thursday, November 11, 2010


Just went to Fresh Market and picked up a few items.

They have 12 packs of Coke products 5 for $14. That's 2.80 each. You have to buy 5 and use the coupon. Find it in the ad or in the store.

18 pack of eggs for $1.50

CoffeeMate coffee creamer 1.29. (coupon on the creamer for $1.00 off)

Ready for the best Deal?

For $5 you get

1 Freshchetta Pizza
(coupon from Smart Source 10/10 for .75 off 1)
1 Bag Dole salad (original kind only)
1 loaf french bread from the bakery
1 2 liter of Coke

Guess how much?
Only $5.00 with in store coupon
and $4.25 with smart source coupon.

Where else can you get all that for that much?

Hurry, quick you only have a week to get the deal.

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