Monday, December 27, 2010

Be Healthy-Stay Healthy

Here is a list of free samples that will keep you healthy.

Like "Ester C" on your Facebook page and you will get a free sample of gummy vitamins.
Go here for a free sample of Emergen-C. ( I personally love these drinks they give you so much energy. )

Free sample of ZapZit here:

Walgreens is my favorite store to buy vitamins. They always have a buy one get on free sale. Coupons are always available for the brands they sell there too. About two weeks ago I got two packages of EmergenC for $8.00.

Lots of stores are now having 4 dollar prescriptions:
Walmart has a generic list they offer for $4 dollars or $10 for a three months supply. WalMart has great deals on generic over the counter drugs too, like heart burn pills. The one I buy for my husband is $2.97 for 30 pills or $5.97 for 90.  Those are some of the few items I go to WalMart for.

Smith's has become my new favorite pharmacy. They offer the same deals as Wal-Mart and you don't have the wait time. Smiths often has a reward program if you transfer your monthly meds to them, you get a gift card for about 20 dollars. Just to transfer. Free money!

I heard, but I am not clear on this but Township pharmacy will price match your prescriptions.

When you are at the Dr.'s office, and you have no insurance, ask them for a Ca$h discount. They will usually take between 10 and 20 dollars off just because you pay with cash. They do they for a few reasons, they don't have to pay credit card fee's, and it is less work to have to bill you.

Ask Dr for samples. The drug reps leave their offices fully stocked because they want the Dr.'s to use their meds. The reps make commission from the drugs that Dr.'s actually use. So don't feel bad about asking. The samples often have Coupons on them too. It's usually not much compared to the price you pay but every little bit helps.

Coupons are a great thing especially when they are used for a good cause like Staying Healthy.



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