Monday, July 25, 2011

New POST!!!

HaHa...Like how I named my new post? Anyway, on to my topic. BUILDING MY SAVINGS

If you can't tell I have grown bored with my blog.  I feel like find a good deal and posting it to the world does not have that much substance. We all can find a good deal and go to sales at Crazy odd hours to buy things half price. But is a good deal , really a good deal?

I am not saying bargain shopping is a bad thing, in fact my office has coupons spread all over it. I love to shop and love using coupons even more. It does come to a point that it goes to far. If your house looks like the shelves of WalMart you have gone too far. People who have this problem, I like to call it hoarding, don't realize how much money they could have in the bank if they never bought any of their "coupon deals."  What people don't realize about using coupons is that you still have to pay money for the stuff you buy. Dollars that could have been put into a savings account, that add up over time.

Young people have a tendency to forget what the purpose of a savings account is. We all make up excuses of why we should not save money. For some reason all of us young people think because we make hardly any money we need to compensate for it by living lavish lifestyles. 

Take a minutes and examine how your money is spent. Do you really need 100 pairs of earring or 50 pairs of shoes. Think about how much you have spent on unnecessary items in the past month. Now think about how much it will be worth a year from now?  Video games trade in for less then 2% of what you purchased it for, Clothes end up being donated to the thrift stores, or what I call the  " The Clothing Grave Yard." Old clothes are worth all most nothing in the long run. Take time to realize how much more money you would have if you don't get somebody to cover your shift to go to that awesome concert.

So my point to this post is think about what you buy before you buy it even if it is a good deal. Ask yourself if you put the money away you were going to spend on your 100, .29 cent items how much more money would you have over in the long run? Is it really worth it?

Put your money away for a rainy day and when it really does rain see how much money you have that you thought you didn't have and you will be quite impressed. It could even save you stress over a late Student Loan Payment.

Remember, by having a savings we are one step away from Ramin Noodles.


  1. Amy! I had no idea you blogged--and I love this! I will definitely be a follower now :)

  2. Thanks Chelsea, I have been deciding if I should keep this blog but I think I am going too. I have lots of stuff to write about.


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