Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goal Update

I decided to take a break from budgets and give an update about how my goals are going.

Yesterday was a weird day. I went to class and when I came home I got a phone call that there was a mistake on my financial aid and I no longer qualify. I was having a heart attack, I just kept thinking how in the hell I was going to pay for my tuition, or maybe it was the time to really drop out.  I remembered that this is my goal and I am not going to give up, for some reason, I feel that I have far many more set backs the other students. I was in tears yesterday trying to decided what to do. I just kept thinking about how this is my goal and I am not going to give up on myself. I did my budget a couple days ago and knew how  much more tight money was going to be for us but I decided that I was going to sign up for a payment plan and continue going to school.

Later in the day I got another phone call, the financial aid office found me a scholarship. HOLLY COW!!!! It's from a private donation and all I have to do is write a think you letter. Not only did I write them a letter but I am want to tell them thank you on here. THANK YOU!!!  I can't believe that there were willing to help me out. I am so grateful for what they are doing for me. They will not even have a clue how much their money helps me out. This was a miracle a huge sign from god to just continue following my dreams. This makes me want to study harder and really get an A in my class.I am still in shock this morning.

Last night I started my first YOGA class. Well there is something a little funny about that too. The class was intended to be for pregnant people. I am the only one in there that is not pregnant, I was going to drop out of it but the fee is non refundable so the instructor told me she would modify it slightly for me. She told me there is a reason why I ended up in the class. The class was very soothing, we did mostly meditation and relaxation techniques. I really could tell a difference when I came home I could focus a lot better and I got all of my homework done that I was struggling with yesterday. I slept well and woke up early. Tonight I am going to another yoga class and this morning I ate only foods for nourishment and not for pleasure.

On an even more funny note...
I guess Charlie, my dog decided that he needs to be more healthy too because when we woke up this morning he ate half of a loaf of organic bread we got from the bountiful basket. All we found was the wrapper it came in. Last night he ate the peach slices right off my plate. are a funny, funny dog.

I want to achieve my goals more than anything. I want a healthier life. And most of all I want to no more ramen noodles.


  1. Let's go to yoga soon! :) I wanna come with on Mondays I think.

  2. Wow Amy, that is wonderful! I'm so happy to hear you got a scholarship! You deserve it!
    And Charlie, you are a silly dog!
    Love you guys so much!


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