Thursday, September 1, 2011

OMG... The B word. Part 1

Now that I have all of you dying to know what the B word is well thanks to my favorite accounting teacher the B word doesn't mean B!&@$ or BABIES.... it means BUDGET!!!!!! I get so many questions about budgets, how to make them easy? Why are they important and why do they have to suck? I decided to write about Budgets in several different posts answering several different questions about them.

I will answer why budgets SUCK first.
They suck because my husband said so. HAHAHA, no not really. They suck because they force you to face reality. They can be complicated, and involve math. Math scares away too many people. Budgets are time consuming and confusing if you don't have a good method. Budgets tell you that you can't just go spend all your money on everything that you want. Depressing....Or so you think. Not tracking your money will actually lead you into spending more. You think you are getting the things you want but when you look at the big picture are those expensive new shoes really worth paying off for the next 30 years?

Now that I have you thinking I will post again soon about why budgets are important.
You will soon find out what they are and how they will change your life.

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