Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Stoped Using Coupons and....

I spent over $1000 on food and supplies in the last 2 months on only 2 people. My groceries used to only cost me about $125 per month. That depresses me.  I have the motivation again to put the time in to coupons. I would like to blog once a week again.

Here is my first good coupon I found.

It is for 1.50 off Cottonelle. Wal Greens usually sells cottonelle toilet paper 12 packs for $5.

Have a good weekend. I am going on a Yoga trip. So I will report back next week.

PS..... Is it bad that I like to buy Cotonelle toilet paper because I love the puppy they use as their logo?


  1. I think it's cute that you buy it for the puppy!

  2. pfft no. That's why I like it :D


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