Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Payless Shoesource

I found out the other day that Payless is having a BOGO sale. They also have all of their winter/early spring stuff on clearance.  What I didn't know is that you can combine the BOGO sale and the clearance items. I walked away with 2 belts for only $1.59 and I didn't even have to use coupons. :)  Go check it out before it ends. Share with me your great finds.

Is anybody else sick of collecting coupons and finding better deals with out them,

Keep up the great savings!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one


 I have spent countless hours doing absolutely nothing so far this summer. I have forgotten what it is like not having anything to do and have driven myself nuts to the point I can't sleep. I hate to be bored it makes me feel unaccomplished. It reminded me of when I was a kid being bored, during summer summer break. I decided I need to act more like I did when I was a kid and create my own fun.

I have several fond memories going out with my grandma or mom and helping with the garden. The majority of the time I never ended up growing anything, and turned the garden space in to a homemade swimming pool. My friends, Mitch, Rach, and I would end up covered in mud from head to toe. One time it was even in my ears, gross. Looking back I realize that Mitch, Rach, and I could be millionairs and could have charged money for our "therapeutic" mud baths that drove our parents nuts.

Reminiscing on fun memories made me come the conclusion that I really enjoy being outside in the garden. I talked my husband in to getting the tiller out and actually using the compost we have been creating for the past two years. Besides, what better way to save money than to plant a garden?

If we look at this investment from an accounting stand point only, and not take into account labor hours, we will earn huge gains. We have spent less than $30 on all the seeds, manure, and soil to get this baby going. To make my garden an even better investment we planted things that usually quite expensive to buy in the store.  Can't wait to post the results.

Have a HAPPY WEDNESDAY everybody and enjoy the Sun!!!!

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