Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden Update

This is my little backyard garden
  I am so Happy because I can finally see some progress in all of the hard work I have been putting in to my yard. Everything has sprouted that  I planted. I am going out this afternoon before work to thin out the beets I planted. There is a blossom on my tomato plant and I think I will have peas to eat in another week or two.

This is a complete 360 of what this area used to look like. I should have taken before pictures. 

 I decided that I liked gardening so much that I wanted to fix up the areas that have been neglected. We never really did anything with our back yard because of Charlie, our Husky was a puppy. We finally had him fixed a couple weeks ago and he is older now and a lot more mellow. I actually dared planting a tree this year. Besides, I found a great deal on trees. During fathers day weekend IFA had all of there trees half price. I found a beautiful Callery Pear Tree for $16. I love the trees because they have beautiful blossoms in the spring and they turn a beautiful color in the fall, they also attract butterflies and humming birds. The theme of my yard.
This is the tree I planted. The area still needs some TLC but I can offically say its no longer the "land of a million dumps"

I am really impressed with the progress that I have made. It will be exciting to take the frist bite of my bounty. Also, I am proud that I am actually sticking with a goal that I made for myself.

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  1. Your yard looks great Amy! I'm sure you enjoyed it all summer long.


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