Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have been working with this amazing company lately called Bzzagent. I heard about it from Tyler Stillman, my marketing professor at SUU, when we learned about Word of mouth advertising. I was curious about it and since I am totally into coupons anyway I thought I would give them a shot. 

After I signed up, I had to take surveys so they could find out more about me. You are awarded points for everything your participate in.  When you get a certain amount of points they will start sending you free stuff to try and coupons to hand out to others so they can try the products also. It's awesome because who doesn't like free stuff. I especially do because I am a student and have a limited budget, so anything helps. 

My recent Bzz campain I particiapted in was for "Kroger" family night. I reveived coupons for a frozen pizza and fruit bars. I reveived in the mail a bag of tortilla chips and vitamin water. The purpose of this campaign was to have family night and include all of their products. So that's what I did. My hubby and I rented a move and snuggled up on the couch to our treats. 

The pizza was my favorite, frozen pizza's have come a long way. We got the cheese flavor and added all our own toppings. It was so yummy with all of the fresh basil, tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic. We made guac and dipped the chips in it and shared the vitamin water to wash it all down. After all that salty food we needed a treat. The fruit bars were perfect because they give you the satisfaction  of eating desert without all of the calories of a bowl of ice cream. The products gave us the perfect mix of treats to enjoy during our movie.

The best part of of it all is that we enjoyed ourselves and had an extreamly cheep date. All we paid for was the Redbox.  I love it when I can have fun and enjoy myself and not have to pay a ton of money to do so. I challange all of you to find a way to have a cheep date with your lovers and tell me all about it. 
Until next time....Happy Savings!

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