Thursday, February 7, 2013


This year for my New Year's resolution I decided that I want to gain more confidence in myself. I fell like I have the skills and the ability to succeed, but my lack of confidence is holding me back. I fell like what's the point of going to school if I can't sell myself to get the job I want and achieve my goals. I want to be a great leader and very successful one day. Last semester I had a few class presentations and job interviews which I totally bombed! I was TERRIBLE at both. I decided instead of beating myself up over what could be considered a huge failure to look at those situations and find a way to improve my skills.

In Hawaii
While laying out on the beach in Hawaii I thought myself repeatedly, how am I going to gain the skills I need? How will I get over my phobia of talking to people? My professor mentioned to me after my botched presentation,  there was a community group he saw in the newspaper called Toastmasters.  I thought of that and looked the group up online. I sent and email to the contact information about the our local chapter and they responded right away. I went to a few meetings and joined the club. The group seems to be the answer to my prayers.

Today I was assigned to stand up in front of everybody and tell a joke. So, I told my favorite joke Uncle Clarence used to tell me, when I was a kid, about the bee and butterfly. Everybody laughed and I even said the punch line correctly. It was fantastic and a huge boost to my confidence. The people in the group are so kind and very welcoming. I am really nervous, but super excited to give my first speech.

Anyway, I have work in a half and hour so I better go get ready. If you would like any information about Toastmasters I will gladly send it to you. Until next time....
Here is the link to the toastmaster site.


  1. You are so great. What's not to be confident about? I seriously just adore you and LOVE your blog! Way to be awesome, as usual :D

  2. Thanks Jana! You are awesome too!


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