Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend

(This post is kind of a rant but I felt it was necessary to post)

I was driving home from school and this song "Cheers To The Weekend" was  blasting was playing so loud on the radio that my hubby shut the radio off. The lyrics of the song inspired me to write this post. Yes I am super happy that it's Friday, date night, and the weekend. When the verse played that said, "cheers to the freaking weekend lets drink to that," got to me. I thought to myself here is another way drinking is glamorized to young people. Video's like this one give people a false sense of enjoyment.

I have no problem with people that drink alcohol! What I do have a problem with is how much alcohol costs a person in the long run.  Alcohol can cost a person hundreds, or even thousands when it not done responsibly. Peoples judgement becomes impaired and they usually end up compulsive spending and that can be a huge burden on your budget. Besides BARS and restaurants make their largest profit margin from alcohol. The translation of this statement means consumers are paying WAY too much to drink.

My whole point to this post is weekends can be enjoyable with out spending every last penny. Being responsible saves a lot of money! So everybody Cheers to the Freaking weekend, don't go to the bar, and be happy that you have some money left in the bank when you do something else cheaper.

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