Monday, March 4, 2013

Mom's Are The Bestest!

My mom is the best! I came home from school and she left a bag of goodies hanging on the handle of my front door. Inside the bag had 2 skirts, 2 shirts, a pair of socks and a bunch or oranges. The skirts were on clearance at Wal Mart and only cost $1. Yep.... super cute skirts for $1....and the shirts were only $1.  A big whopping $4. I have the best mom in the whole world. She always knows how to take care of me.

Anyway... Go to Wal Mart and find some cute things. Share with me your purchases. 

 I am excited to do my spring break blog project and show how you can be fashionable and not break the bank.  Keep checking back for some fun new posts.

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