Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Great Deals I Found

For a while I was burnt out on couponing. I felt like the sales and the coupons were not matching up so I kind of strayed away from the grocery game for a bit. Plus I think the show, Extreme Couponing is ruining it for us non extreamers. Most stores in my area have become really strict about their policies and it's more of a pain then an enjoyment to use coupons. We had a chance to eat and use everything I stocked up on so I decided to get back in the game.

I found a few good deals this week:

WalGreens has a great deal on Purex Laundry Soap. When you pair the sale with the coupon from last Sunday's paper the final cost is $1.99.

WalMart, has become my favorite place to coupon shop. I got  16 things and only paid $8.53. :)

Lins has a 10 lb case of chicken breasts for $14.90. (Not sure about the quality but I will let you know when I eat them.)

Anyway, Happy Shopping and TGIF!

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