Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Cake That Does Not Fail

I love to bake but it is impossible for me to make a cake. I have tried cake mixes, baking from scratch, and I get the same result every time. Even the cakes I made in an Easy Bake Oven turned out horrible.  One time I was going to make an easy and delicious strawberries and cream cake. I bought fresh strawberries and cake flour, that was supposed to make the cake fail proof  and guess how it turned out? Failure. I bake the best cookies but when it comes to cakes I give up. Cakes are not one thing I am going to try, try, again to make. I am over it. 

The problem is, I love desert. If I could live off desert and not be a 750 pound diabetic I would. So I have to find alternatives and I did. 

 Private Selection Upside Down  German Chocolate Cake

When I saw the chocolate fudge cake topped with caramel, coconut, and pecan frosting, at Smiths I had to have it.  
The cake is warmed for about 15 minutes and gives off a chocolate aroma as if it was baked from scratch. 
 Once the cake is heated it is place a plate upside down on the top of the cake and flip it over. Once the parchment paper is removed it appears I slaved away all day in the kitchen to prepare this cake. The cake didn't look too appealing or over the top so it could pass as my own.  (Another plus, you can fake it and tell everybody it was made from scratch, well as long as you throw the box away in the outside trash can.)  
It really is warm and gooey inside, the perfect consistency, and very moist. I ate 2 pieces about that size. I loved the nuts and coconut in the "German" part of the cake. YUM.  I guess you can forget about me worrying about being 750 pounds. HAHA...  After I cut the first piece it disappeared within a couple hours. 
So all of you do yourselves a favor and don't worry about making the cake and have  Private Selection Upside Down  German Chocolate Cake instead. 

You can visit and download a coupon for $1 or $2 off Private Selection Upside Down Cakes!

They come in different flavors too, Double Chocolate Molten, Amber Honey Apple Spice

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