Saturday, June 8, 2013

True Beauty

Lately I have been reading a whole bunch of beauty blogs. Ever since I turned 28 I don't feel as pretty as I used to be. I have developed some really annoying forehead wrinkles that have really bothered me and I have considered botox to cover them up. I think if I had the money I would have done it a few weeks ago, but I didn't, so I am stuck with my wrinkles. I decided I can either accept the way I look or be insecure and forever have bangs, which I don't want because of the hair trends lately.

I decided to go out on a mission to discover what true beauty means. What I found to be beautiful was far from what we see on a daily basis in the internet, on TV, or on covers of fashion magazines.

The first place I found beauty is when I took a drive up right hand canyon, to the "C" overlook. I have been there more than a hundred times over the course of my life and I would look out over the city and would think big deal, this is where I live. The other day, things were different, I decided to meditate there and I really took in all my surroundings. Wildflowers were blooming, and the day was so clear I could see all the way to Wheeler Peak, one of my favorite places go in Nevada. I had my husband snap some pic's and for once in my life, I looked at the picture of myself and thought I was beautiful, which usually doesn't happen.

I am proud that I found beauty in myself. We all age and  aging should be beautiful, not ugly, like the media makes it out to be. Self acceptance is great way save money. Every year women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products, which I am guilty of. By accepting ourselves for who we are we can save a lot of money by not buying  into all of the "anti-aging" gimmicks. This beautiful summer day I encourage each and every one of you to analyze your true beauty.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer's Here!

There's just something about summer that I love. This year I decided to try something a little different. I saw a picture of Beyonce when she was in Cuba with her braids and I totally loved them, so I decided to get some myself. I love that we have a hair school here for all my wild ideas. I think  my new look turned out looking like an egyptian goddess instead of Beyonce, but I love it.

An added bonus my headband is from the $$ store! Have a great summer and do something fun with your look. 

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