Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 5, Tip 5, Try

I know I owe you 6 days worth of posts, they will be here I promise. Last week I was having some problems with blogger and everything kept being posted on the wrong day. I think I have finally fixed it, hopefully.

I like to think that I am do quite well at keeping my own budget, but it's so time consuming. While sitting in one of my accounting classes, we were learning about Quickbooks and my professor told us about The site is made by the same company as Quickbooks so they are similar in style, it just on a personal level.

 On the site you link your bank accounts and it keeps track of all your spending. The site is a lot like your online banking, but it lets you keep track of multiple bank accounts, if you have them. You make your budget and it categorizes all your spending. You can make saving goals and keeps you on the right track with your spending. You get email alerts if you overspend in one of your budget categories.

What I don't like about the site is they try to sell you into getting credit cards you don't need. So completely ignore that feature of the site. Also, I don't like how you can't add cash you spent on there. So you could totally cheat and still buy your guilty pleasure items and not have them tracked. You literally have to use your debit card for every transaction you make.

Anyway, go check it out and check back often for more saving tips.

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