Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 6 Tip 6 Date Night In

The Challenge: Create a gourmet dinner using store brand items. 

What I love about the idea of staying home for dinner is you can make everything just the way you want it. I am not by any means a chef, but I can bake, and I totally enjoy it. At my house my hubby does the cooking and I do the baking. I have gotten really good at setting the table, LOL. 

To get started determine the kind of dinner you want and create your environment.

 We wanted a relaxing ambiance and a healthy summer meal. 
To create this environment I put a 3 drops of lavender oil into my humidifier and put on music by AYKANNA . I went to their concert a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with their music. I decided to go with an elegant casual look and got out my punch bowl. I was so excited to have the opportunity to wash the dust off and put it to good use. 

 Our menu consisted of:
 Kroger Brand Pork Chops with




Cheese bread to be exact
Carrot Cake for Desert

Since I am a Bzzagent I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try most of the indigents free.

Kevin putting the seasoning on our bread

Bread before the oven

Pork Chops
Roll in panko bread crumbs

Look how pretty my table is. 

Look how pretty the table is
Mmmmm, lets eat!

The desert, simply delish. This plate matches my punch bowl

Dinner times are the perfect time to have discussions about what the call on The View, hot topics. Don't talk about anything that will upset the two of you because you want to have a fun night, not a fight night. Dinner time is a good time to plan your week or talk about your goals and aspirations. Since technically you are on a date you can have mushy kissey talk. This is why I am Pro Dinner time, it's a great bonding experience any couple.

My vote, using store brands makes no difference then using name brand items. In fact I think the rub I used tasted better. Since it has been raining so much lately I think you all should have a wonderful date night in and see how much you can save. I know I probably should not write this, but the best part about dining in, the bedroom is right down the hallway. haha. Enjoy your day and remember to tell all your friends and family to follow my blogey blogg.

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  1. Looks delicious and elegant! Good for you for making an ordinary day special and creating an occasion to use those special dishes!

    I have been a long-time advocate of store brands, too (you must get it from me. ;p LOL, I kid).

    I really enjoy reading your blog.


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