Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day's 9, 10, 11

Day 9 Plant a garden.
Gardening takes a lot of work, especially when you can't keep your dog out of the peas, but it's so worth it in the end. And the veggies, they taste wonderful. This year we planted pea's, kale, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes. I love garden food. Can't wait to post pictures and recipes from my bounty.

Day 10, Get rid of your cell phone plan. 
I am crazy, I know. I am most likely the only person in their 20's that doesn't have a cell phone, but I simply just can't afford on right now. I am not really the type of person that has to be glued to their phone and I'm not much of a talker. It's really annoying at times when I can't just pick up my phone and be like, what kind of  cereal do you want me to buy? But... one day when I can afford a $100 phone bill I will have an Iphone and instagram my little heart out. I heard straight talk is good and pretty inexpensive and I think that's the route I will take when I make a little more money. But seriously I have so much more money since I got rid of my phone, it's crazy!

Day 11, Cancel Unnecessary Memberships.
Don't pay for the gym if you don't go! I am going to do a whole series on how to save money on working out and eating healthy. So I am not going to say much except calculate how much your membership is and see if it's cheaper to buy out of it. I hate paying for gyms!

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