Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Everyday while at work, my coworker or myself, some how end up discussing the dreaded topic,  What are you going to make for dinner? Usually my response involves microwave burritos or some kind of take out. I had the genius idea, and came up with What's For Dinner Wednesday's. This way I can compile all of my favorite meals to cook and remember the epic failures. Not only will I achieve my goal of learning to cook, I will save money and be healthier.

What's for Dinner?
Mmmmayzing Shrimp Cocktail Salad.

How to make:

 Beet Greens and Tomatoes are from my garden. So I went out back and picked those and chopped them up. I had a half of an avocado that was going to go bad, so I cut it into bite sized pieces and threw those in. Purchase 1 bag of pre-cooked large shrimp, a lemon, and a bottle of cocktail sauce. My hubby cooked the shrimp in boiling salt water, darned them and cooled them off in an ice bath. Arrange the shrimp on the side of your bowl and toss the salad part. Pour yourself a side of cocktail sauce and squeeze the lemon all of the shrimp and salad. Dip the shrimp in the sauce and ENJOY yourself a nice shrimp dinner for about the cost of a combo meal at your favorite fast food restaurant. YUMMERS!   

Happy Savings y'all. Loves...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Redoin My Master Bath on Practically Nothin

The Problem: 
The whole time I have lived in my house I never did anything with the master bedroom or bathroom. I hate going in the bathroom, even to pee. Too broke to even spend a penny to on fancy trinkets. 

The Solution: 
Get Creative and Restore some of the trash (treasures) I have laying around. My vision: Spa Atmosphere Modern Decor Colors, Grey, Mustard Yellow and turquoise I want to be able to have nice relaxing, detoxing baths. I am amazed what a $3.00 can of spray paint did to my ugly, rusty, hand me down trash can.

I'm super happy with the results. It's amazing what a can of spray paint will do to something ugly!
Money spent on bathroom so far: $3.29 for spray paint. I can't wait until my bathroom is as beautiful as I imagine.


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