Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's For Dinner Wednesday--- It's a Halloween Party

Every year for Halloween we get a Jack-O-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphys and I make Grandma Grimshaw's sugar cookies. See post HERE for one of our many pizza parties. My hubby kinda hinted what our Halloween plans are and asked if we were going to get pizza... again. This year I decided to get creative and go out on a limb and make something else for Halloween dinner. This years menu will consist of:

Lil Smokies Mummy Dogs

Idea found Here

Frighting Fingers

Idea found Here
I think I am going to take this to my work pot luck

Witches Brew

  • 1 two liter ginger ale
  • 1 package of grapes, peeled
  • 1 pint orange sorbet of any flavor, thawed
  • 5 cups cranberry juice
Thaw sorbet until it becomes liquid. Mix sorbet, ginger ale and cranberry juice in large punch bowl, then add peeled grapes. Serve with a fork. I think I am going to add dry ice for a more spooky effect.

Last but not least
A Massive Bowl of Candy, it is Halloween in all.

I hope you have a a SPOOKTACULAR dinner with family and friends!!! Happy Halloween. Until next time, Happy Savings.  


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dream Create Inspire Party

Go Check out the Dream Create Inspire Party. I found the cutest stuff on there. You can find my post on week 2.  Enjoy!

Dream Create Inspire

Monday, October 27, 2014

Money Monday

DID YOU KNOW: That by simply NOT "Opting In" to overdraft services on a checking account could save a consumer hundreds of dollars every year on costly over draft fees. 

Now is about the time that many will be wondering what in the heck I am talking about. So here's a short explanation. I will start with the basics.

An overdraft occurs when more money is spent than the available amount of the account. Overdrafts most commonly occur when a check has not cleared and a funds from the account are spent. Overdrafts can also occur when debit card transactions have not been cleared or electronic payments are charged to the account and there's not enough funds in the account. Usually what happens in the above situations, the bank will pay the amount the account holder owes to the business, and then charges the account holder a fee for covering the insufficient amount. Fee's are assessed  until enough money  is deposited into the account  to give the account a positive balance.

A few years back, many debit card transactions were being authorized even when the account holder had no funds. Individuals were charged multiple overdraft fees in a single day depending on how much they overspent. Funds were being held for long periods of time and were not made available within a reasonable time period, causing more overdraft fees. Consumers were not given the option to have their debit card decline at the point of sale, which was unfair to the consumer. These practices made it very difficult for the consumer to understand how to maintain their accounts. In 2009 a rule was passed that prohibits financial institutions from assessing fees for paying ATM and one-time debit card transactions that overdraw consumer accounts unless the consumer consents (Opts-In).

Every account holder is automatically "Opted out" and debit card transactions will be declined if the account has insufficient funds.  There is a few instances when debit card transactions will be authorized with insufficient funds, like when paying at the pump and it only authorizes $1. However, overdraft fees will not be assessed and an small amount of interest will be charged to the account instead. See, you just saved yourself $25 bucks because your opted out. So if your opted in and are not signed up for an overdraft protection program OPT OUT! Here's a couple of links where I found my information, to read, if your ambitions  and want to know more about Regulation E. Here and Here.

NOW YOU KNOW, how to avoid costly fees. Until next time... Happy Savings Y'all. Please spread the love, get the word out about my blog and share my posts on your social media sites.
Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are solely mine and are not influenced by any other source.
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