Friday, March 6, 2015

So What's New?

Time after time, after time, I think about how to make more time to do the things I enjoy. Yet once again I am posting after months and months of not even having the time to even think about this blog. I am not sure I am going to continue writing it. Years ago when I started this blog, I thought I was going to become famous because I wrote this blog. The truth is, I am a very private person and feel uncomfortable posting my life, my ideas, my feelings, on the internet. Although, at times my I had a lot of followers and page views at one point in time. I decided it was unhealthy for me to be stuck behind a computer pretending I had a wonderful life.

 I decided a few years back that I, miss Amy, am going to live my life to the fullest. 2014 was great! I accomplished many of my goals had one of the best years of my life. However, with all the life changes I went though, my lifestyle became very unhealthy. I went from running around all day at work to sitting at a desk and became very sedentary. I gained a lot of weight last year and even though I was accomplished all those amazing things, I was still so insecure, and down on myself.  Ever sense I turned 30, I have had this overwhelming feeling inside I need to take care of myself.  I needed yet another life change. It took a few months and failed diets to stumble upon Whole30.

I completed my first Whole in January. My stats were awesome. I should have taken some before and afters. I lost 14 pounds, a diet coke addiction, and gained a whole lot of confidence.  Took a month off and now I am back at it. I am so ready to be healthy and happy. I had the urge the other day to blog about my experience with Whole30 and perhaps write some blogs posts on how Whole 30 on a budget.  

Anyhow, I am on day 6 of my current Whole30 and am feeling pretty tired. I don't have the headaches I had last time. My pants feel looser already. (I am working out this time) I have found some really yummy foods and decided I don't really like coconut milk in soup.

I am really thankful I have finally found something that works for me. Today, I encourage all of you to eat some veggies, and do a workout because it really is worth it. And like I used to say, No More Ramen Noodles!

XOXO my loves,


  1. My husband and I are on day 6 of our first whole30 and I'm still feeling pretty yucky. Headaches, exhausted, even poorer sleeping, and I'm eating quite a bit but I'm still feeling hungry. All that to say I'm hoping I'll have good things to say about whole30 at the end. I'd love to know how to do it on a budget. In one week we've spent half of our grocery budget. No food has gone to waste though.

  2. Very inspirational post! I've never been a ramen noodle fan, but have had other unhealthy choices that I've had to work through. We are fortunate to have an organic aquaponic farm, so veggies are plentiful. Best wishes for your continued success!

  3. I think it's hard to balance blogging and real life. You want to be real with people but not totally open your whole self up to people.... I am leaning to balance, but it's hard.

  4. I have always wondered about the Whole30. Thanks for sharing your progress so far.

  5. Would love hear about Whole30 on a budget!

  6. I'm not too familiar with the Whole30 lifestyle, but I would definitely be interested in learning more about it. Especially how to follow through with everything on a budget!

  7. Blogging is definitely a time commitment - so good for you for taking a break. And, I've never heard of the Whole30 program, so I need to check that out!


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